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Welcome to the corps of External Examiners in Biology

The main objectives of the corps are:

  • to ensure that the student are achieving the desired learning outcomes at the university level
  • to act as a legal entity for the students and advisory forum for educational institutions 

Guidelines regarding external examiners: 

The Corps of External Examiners includes about 500 examiners.

To download the list, please click hereUnder special circumstances ad-hoc appointments can be arranged for a single exam. The document should be The Corps of External Examiners in Biology in hand no later than 4 weeks before the scheduled exam.

The procedures for ad-hoc appointments are as follow:

  • Preparation of the application to the Corps of External Examiners explaining why the assessment cannot be handled by the existing corps.
  • Completion of the appointment form signed by the candidate.
  • Submission of the documentation letter, the signed application form and the resume to the Corps of External Examiners. The documents should be sent by email: biocensor@bio.aau.dk  through your local study secretary - please remember to write "ad hoc appointment" and "the external examiners name" in the subject title.
  • Afterwards the corps will make a decision about a possible ad-hoc appointment

Afterwards the chairmanship will evaluate the applications and the applicants will be contacted and informed of their final appointments.

Please note that the external examiners must not be related to the institution in question within a peiod of 2 years. 

Chairman and secretary


Professor with Specific Responsibilities
José Moreira
Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology; KU
E-mail: jomo@sund.ku.dk

New chairmanship and important info

Due to changes in the organization of the corps of external examiners you might experience some delays  in receiving responses to emails especially concerning ad hoc appointments.

During the transition period we therefore kindly resommend you to use the examiners already appointed - the list can be downloaded on this page. 


For information on the new chairmanship, please use the link below. News about the secretariat and future procedures will be available soon on this page. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, and we appreciate your understanding as we get settled.   

Info to external examiners
Application for appointment and ministerial orders
Meet the new chairmanship